A film of the older time, a fine patriotic film that shows Indian indepe…

A film of the older time, a great patriotic film that proves to Indian independence movement. This motion picture portrayed the fight for the struggle at the time of independence.

This film was released after India got freedom from Britishers. The appeal of the film is that it Mom India as the true Mom of India. India was aiming to modernize itself and get familiarized with the latest trends that have been happening.

A movie based on India Pakistan war of 1971. This film shows the real life occasions that occurred. The movie proves to that how major Kuldip Singh with his people fought all night and won the war. And they got assistance from Indian Air Force the next morning. The film discusses love, life and family.

This combination is entirely various. A mix between cricket and their protest against British empire. The movie proves to the Victorian period and also the sufferings by the peasants when Britishers were taxing them at a very high price. So, they are being challenged by the Britishers that if they beat them in a cricket match, they will lower their tax. This movie was also chosen for the Oscars.

This film was based upon the life of a freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. It proves to that at a childhood, he was influenced by the things occurring around him. And it was because of this he left his home as well as did not wed. He has always motivated all of us.

The motion picture talks about an Indian scientist who is working at NASA. Now he comes back to India to take his baby-sitter back with him and in this procedure he finds and comes to know about his nation, his roots. The motion picture talks about all the developmental and societal modifications that was occurring at that time.

This movie brings you to the real world. It informs you to defend exactly what you believe in. The story goes like that when an English lady pertains to India to make film on the Indian freedom fighters like that of Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and a lot more. Because she did not have sufficient funds, so students of Delhi University were made to act in the motion picture. The movie concentrates on the youth and it has its significant effect likewise on the youth. The motion picture ends on an extremely unfortunate.

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